American Dad Series 2 DVD

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Release date 28 May 2007

From Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane comes another outrageous and over-the-top take on the American nuclear family. With his doting wife, Francine, at his side, Stan Smith CIA agent, anti-terror operative, and upstanding citizen runs a household that includes his ultra-liberal daughter, Hayley; his dweeb son, Steve; a sarcastic alien named Roger; and a lascivious German goldfish, Klaus.

Episode Guide

Camp Refoogee
The American Dad After School Special
Failure Is Not a Factory-installed Option
Dungeons and Wagons
Iced, Iced Babies
Lincoln Lover
Of Ice and Men
Irregarding Steve
The Best Christmas Story Never
Bush Comes to Dinner
American Dream Factory
A.T. Abused Terestrial
Black Mystery Month