CSI Series 6 Part 2 DVD

CSI Series 6 DVD Part 2 £12.89 delivered

Release date 4 Jun 2007

Twelve further episodes from CSI Season 6 of the forensic crime series set in the Las Vegas Criminalistics Bureau. In this installment Warrick (Gary Dourdan) takes a walk down the aisle, Nick (George Eads) tries to cope with his near death experience and Grissom (William Petersen) begins to open up and engage with his emotions and other people.

Episode Guide

13: Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
14: Killer
15: Pirates of the Third Reich
16: Up in Smoke
17: I Like to Watch
18: The Unusual Suspect
19: Spellbound
20: Poppin' Tags
21: Rashomama
22: Time of Your Death
23: Bang-Bang
24: Way to Go