Peep show Series 1, 2 and 3 DVD

Peep Show DVD boxset 1 to 3 £22.49 delivered

Release date 6 Nov 2006

This 3 Disc box set encompasses the complete Series 1, 2 & 3 of the award-winning comedy, The Peep Show, following the inner lives of two very ordinary weirdoes; wannabe popstar Jeremy (Robert Webb) and Mark (David Mitchell), a 50 year old in a twentysomething body.

Series 1: Mark is in hot pursuit of the love of his life, co-worker Sophie; while Jeremy lives in awe of his idiotic mate, Super Hans, and their beautiful but brittle neighbour Toni.

Series 2: Mark finds an obstacle in the way of his quest for Sophie's love, in the form of his macho rival, Jeff. Meanwhile Jeremy has fallen madly in love with a confused Californian Christian, Nancy, and embarks on a visa wedding which he hopes will be "the happiest administrative procedure of their lives."

Series 3: Jeremy tries to get over his disastrous marriage to Nancy by embarking on a series of ill-fated relationships with women - one of whom is Mark's sister! Mark, meanwhile, has finally managed to start dating Sophie - only to discover she's being relocated to Bristol

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