Spooks Series 5 DVD

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Release date 10 Sep 2007

The stakes are higher than ever for Adam, Harry and the rest of the Spooks team as a series of terrorist attacks and political cover-ups threaten national security on an unprecedented scale. Packed with classic Spooks' intrigue, Series 5 features all ten episodes from the fifth series plus a host of never before seen special features, shot exclusively for the DVD

Episode Guide

Episode 1: A team of conspirators have been deliberately de-stabilizing Britain - can the team preserve the status quo?
Episode 2: The conspirators gain an advantage and MI5 are pushed to the limit. Meanwhile Harry gets caught up in the action. Will his team help him out in time?
Episode 3: Zaf and Adam go undercover in an attempt to stop a terrorist bomb attack.
Episode 4: An assasination threat and an arms deal endanger the World Trade Organisation conference being held in the UK.
Episode 5: Ruth sees a man kill himself, setting off a chain of events that threaten her future.
Episode 6: The government is brokering a secret deal with the Saudis. When the Saudi Embassy is stormed, Ros is caught up in the siege.
Episode 7: The siege continues. The hostage-takers issue demands to the Saudi King - release Al-Qaeda prisoners or one hostage will be killed every hour.
Episode 8: A Christian extremist group plan to take retribution on a Muslim community.
Episode 9: Adam comes face-to-face with a spy who betrayed him in his MI6 days. Should he trust the man who sold him out?
Episode 10: An environmental terrorist group threaten to flood London if the government doesn't publish a secret document.

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