Ugly Betty Series 1 DVD

Ugly Betty Series 1 DVD £28.99 delivered

Release date 24 Sep 2007

In the glam world of high fashion, image is everything. Chic styles come and go with each season, and the only constants are the size zero models who wear them. How can Ugly Betty Suarez, an ordinary girl from Queens land a job?

Episode Guide

Episode 1 Pilot Eposide
Episode 2 The Box and the Bunny
Episode 3 Queens for a day
Episode 4 Fey's Sleigh Ride
Episode 5 The Lyin', the Watch, and the Wardrobe
Episode 6 Trust, Lust, and Must
Episode 7 After Hours
Episode 8 Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral
Episode 9 Lose the Boss?
Episode 10 Fake Plastic Snow
Episode 11 Swag
Episode 12 Sofia's Choice
Episode 13 In or Out
Episode 14 I'm Coming Out
Episode 15 Brothers and Friends
Episode 16 Derailed / Snow Job
Episode 17 Icing on the Cake
Episode 18 Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Episode 19 Punch out
Episode 20 Petra-Gate
Episode 21 Secretaries Day
Episode 22 A Tree Grows In Guadalajara
Episode 23 The Number 23

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